Let’s get some things out of the way…

I’m a lot of things.
I am a:
Peanut butter enthusiast
90s and early 2000s rap/hip hop fan
Giant weirdo
Crazy dog lady
Queso addict
Big fan of that crazy Tiffany blue color (looks kinda like toothpaste, but better)

What I’m not, is a writer.
I don’t know why I’m starting this whole thing other than I have a story to tell. Some of the stories are funny. Some are deeply personal and will probably cause me to have a panic attack when I mash that ‘publish’ button.  What I do know is that sharing these stories with people around me has been healing for me. For others, it’s been somewhere between funny and a warning sign (i.e. Don’t sign up for an ultra unless you’re prepared to hear the phrase “chafed my ass meat” in polite conversation.)

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